ServiceNow that provides service management software as a service. It specializes in IT services management (ITSM), IT operations management (ITOM) and IT business management (ITBM).

ServiceNow’s tasks, activities and processes occur as cloud services, overseen as part of a comprehensive managed workflow that supports real-time communication, collaboration and resource sharing. ServiceNow has service management offerings for IT, human resources, security, customer service, software development, facilities, field service, marketing, finance and legal enterprise needs.

360Logica Testing Experience on ServiceNow

  • Project Management : Entire project through ServiceNow Test Management.

  • Functional Test : Tested different core modules like Incident / Change / Problem / Knowledge / Asset / Event managements, Email notification etc. with integration between their workflows based on different roles.

  • SLA Report / Performance Analytics : Involved in testing different dashboards/reports using indicators/breakdowns for checking data accuracy coming through different modules.

  • Interface Testing : Tested different fields’ mapping for different Master Data & respective modules flowing from one interface (Owner) to other interface (Provider).

  • Service Portal : Tested different configurations from backend flowing to portal for end user.

  • Upgrade Release :Created regression test scenarios based on release and client’s business requirements / features.

  • ServiceNow Automation Testing ATF (Automated Test Framework) : Used existing ServiceNow automated test framework to build scripts for end-end flow using record producer.

  • Specific Tools : Used special tools to provide an automated solution to check all Controls to make sure different roles have their respective access throughout the system

Benefits with 360Logica in ServiceNow Testing

  • Won many customer’s trust by showing actual testing capabilities of team members from both manual and automation front.

  • Increased the team productivity by removing dependencies which turned around in delivering more work with quality.

  • Reduced the manual efforts by introducing automation testing for different controls.

  • Release work became easy for client in terms of receiving work on time and made different releases successfully.

  • Took hold on all the QA processes by following QA process which built more transparency and understanding between development and testing team.

  • Increased customer revenue by delivering more QA work.

  • Can help to build the TCoE framework for customers.

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