360Logica’s Test Factory Solution

The Test Factory is the next generation of software testing. It is a compelling alternative to conventional remote offshore testing and highly expensive in-house efforts. 360Logica’s Test Factory solutions is specifically designed to meet today’s client and market demands for superior value & time to market, high quality, cost certainty & transparency and lower business & project risk. 360Logica’s Test Factory solutions provides a superior quality, cost effective and service substitute to offshore suppliers. Our Test Factory center designed to handle testing project of different sizes, with different applications and for diversify industries.

The Test Factory specifically designed from the ground up for performance.

  • Low cost, local business model – Reduce fatigue, cost and risk by eliminating transaction and travel costs, as well as culture and time differences

  • Personal touch service – Deal directly with your team and improve responsiveness and troubleshooting

  • Extensive use of automation – Minimizes the cost of testing and error rates while supporting rapid scalability, using re-usable test automated frameworks that suits best your business practices.

  • Available client dashboards – Enable 24/7 monitoring and management by clients

  • Customized billing options – You will always know in advance what your cost of testing will be, providing budget certainty and easier ROI determination

  • A number of proprietary innovations deliver the Test Factory’s superior value.

  • Availability of test team in your time zone Or availability with maximum time overlap

test factory setup

Test Factory Setup – Layer based approach

Our testing service catalog, at a high level is divided in to 5 layers. This standardization allows enhanced efficiency, lower costs, transferability of resources, as well as quick ramp up times.

test factory layer approach

  • Layer 1: This layer provides the over-all engagement governance, demand management, test transformation and continuous improvement).

  • Layer 2: This layer provides Test Design Assurance function, which is one the key aspects of an effective QA. As part of this, some of the key elements addressed are Unified Test Strategy and identifying the needs of non-functional testing and test environment requirements.

  • Layer 3: This layer is primarily responsible for test planning, test execution, defect management, test reporting etc.

  • Layer 4: This layer actively looks at opportunities to do test automation as well as automation of test data creation.

  • Layer 5: Some of the key aspects handled by this layer are UAT, ORT/RFS (Operational Readiness Testing or Ready for Service) etc.

The members from these layer groups will be actively engaged with the ongoing project related activities as well as on any planning related activities which is to be effectively tasked for the upcoming project/releases/phases. The resources planned under each layer should be able to contribute to various activities and can be shared on varied needs to support the entire test factory set up and its guiding principles.

Benefits of Test Factory Implementation:

    • Reduction in defect rate
    • Decline in development costs
    • Improved delivery time and
    • Enhancement in test efficiency
    • Access of QA resource pool
    • Ease of ramp-up
    • Matured QA setup

Advantage 360logica Test Factory Solution

The in-depth expertise in healthcare testing domain has positioned us to deliver products with highest level of standards and reliability. Healthcare application testing by 360logica offers a number of advantages.

  1. Dedicated and skilled testers proficient in healthcare application testing
  2. In-depth knowledge of healthcare frameworks and workflows
  3. QTP, Selenium, and ISTQB certified engineers
  4. Familiar with the latest tools and technologies, including changes and latest trends in healthcare industry
  5. Effective automation strategies to reduce overall operational cost and manual effort
  6. Ensure high quality product and timely delivery with out-of-box QA.

360Logica’s Global Test Factory encompasses multiple practices of:

  • ‘Shift left’ to test early. Engagement to start right from requirement stage to ensure that the requirement maturity assessment is carried out using our ‘static testing approach’
  • Consistent methodology supported by well-defined processes, templates and quality gates which will result into reduced duplication and wastage across the test phases, and help build the ‘earned confidence’ iteratively
  • Steel thread planning to identify test data dependencies, environmental needs, types of testing needed, including non-functional aspects.
  • Risk based testing approach; Static and Dynamic RBT
  • ‘Automation first principle’ and ‘automate to accelerate’ approach to iteratively, uniformly and consistently build modularized reusable components.
  • ‘Shift right’ to introduce early UAT to eliminate higher cost failure and provide desired customer experience.

360logica Offerings in Functional Testing Services:

360Logica also proved to be competent partner for large enterprises. We have a track record of delivering following measurable outcomes:

  • Reduced onsite presence significantly

  • Increasing productivity by 35% by using CI/CD.

  • 30% reduction in cost of testing

  • Faults passed to live reduced by 80%

  • Test effectiveness delivered between 97.4 and 100% Automated test design

  • ~65% test cases were automated

  • 40% reduction in test design effort

  • >50% requirements improved with early engagement

360Logica has also provided excellent execution of managed test services with

  • Test Industrialization with reusable service blocks (RSBs) & Platforms Test Acceleration as part of Life Cycle Management
  • Increasing standardization with similar tools, templates, process and reports across services
  • Move from Ad-Hoc testing to structured testing
  • Transitioned from project based requests to service based requests
  • YoY reduction in testing effort compared as a percentage of total development effort

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